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Ranger Care Program

(Before/After School Care Services)


Now Accepting ELC Vouchers!!
Learning Lodge Academy will provide childcare through an enriching before and after school care program.
Parents: Please RSVP for Ranger Care during breaks.



6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Student-to-adult is 20:1
      *Registration Fee: $25.00 (one child); $30.00 (family)
      *Full-time Tuition Fee: $50.00 per week
      *Part-time Tuition Fee: $35.00 per week 
       *Drop-in: $20.00 per child Morning OR Afternoon per occurence (if available)

*Drop-in: $30.00 per child Morning AND Afternoon per occurence (if available)

*Non-School Week: $60.00 per child per week for Registered Families

*Non-School Week: $75.00 per child per week for Non-Registered Families