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2017-2018 School Year ~ Anticipated Vacancies

We are currently experiencing a hiring freeze. However, we continue to accept application for the following teaching position(s):

*ELA Intervention Teacher (Dual Certification Preferred)

Now accepting applications for the following position(s) currently filled by Out-of-Field Certified Teachers:
*Music/Art Teacher

*Applications accepted online. Submit an online employment application below and email your cover letter/resume to

*Learning Lodge Academy does not discriminate.  All applicants will be screened.  Select candidates will be interviewed and offered positions. Previous applicants are welcome to reapply.

Online Employment Application
The TOP TEN reasons to work at Learning Lodge Academy:
10. Competitive Pay & Benefits
9. Community School
8. Technology
7. Reasonable Workload (ELA or STEM blocks)
6. Teacher Collaboration
5. Unique Professional Development
4. Supportive Leaders and Firm Disciplinarians
3. Shared Decision Making
2. Professional & Collegial Colleagues
1. Positive School Culture & Climate

Employment Opportunities:

~ Teacher Applications Always Welcome ~
Send Resume & Cover Letter to:

Are you a Professional?
"Teachers should be regarded as and behave like professionals. A professional is a certified expert who is afforded prestige and autonomy in return for performing at a high level, which includes making complex and disinterested judgments under conditions of uncertainty. Professionals deserve to live comfortably, but they do not enter the ranks of a profession in order to obtain wealth or power; they do it out of a calling to serve. Be it law, medicine, auditing, education or science, the expectation is the same: professionals should work hard to gain the requisite credentials, behave ethically as well as legally, and when they err, should take responsibility for their error and try to learn from it." 
                                                                                      -Howard Gardner, 2011