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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Learning Lodge Academy students will develop a deep understanding of science and mathematics concepts.
Students will engage in unique hands-on learning projects using the Engineering Design Process to: investigate, design, construct, test, and modify challenges. Students will showcase their learning experiences by sharing them with the community.
English Language Arts (ELA)

Learning Lodge Academy students will develop critical thinking and literacy skills.



Instruction will provide students a unique skillset of tools and strategies to: develop word attack skills, expand vocabulary, deepen comprehension and enhance critical, creative and technical writing.


Literacy learning opportunities will leave a memorable impression on students, leading them to make remarkable accomplishments, within and beyond the school.

Special Courses
Engineering: Area of Focus - Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Engineering Design Process
Technology: Areas of Focus - Research, Presentations, Publishing
Physical Education: Areas of Focus - Team Sports, Health, Wellness
Art: Areas of Focus - Art & Culture, Creative Masterpieces, Famous Artists, Elements of Art, Graphic Art & Design
Music: Areas of Focus - Composers & Musicians, Reading Music, Instruments, Audio Engineering